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The effectiveness of folk methods is explained either by a high content of vitamin A (carrots contain procarotene), or by antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. The effectiveness of such techniques is in question, so if they can be used, then only in combination with the treatment that was prescribed by the doctor. Approaches to prevention and prognosis of Kirle's disease.

Measures for the prevention of Kirle disease have not been developed, since the causes of the development of the disease are not fully known. Among the recommendations for primary prevention of the disease should be called: regular preventive examinations for early detection of diseases that may be the cause of essential follicular keratosis; good nutrition as a measure for the prevention of hypovitaminosis or vitamin deficiency of retinol.

The prognosis for recovery is not always favorable, even with treatment, relapses of ampicillin pills can be observed, in most cases in winter.
For life, the prognosis is favorable, the disease does not pose a direct threat to health, the danger lies precisely in aesthetic shortcomings and the psychological experiences associated with this. Follow link

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During this period, the rash gradually progressed, infiltrates with purulent fusion appeared in the lesions, some of generic ampicillin were opened surgically. The process was accompanied by fever. Within 2 years, the girl suffered from chicken pox and 3 times an acute respiratory viral infection. When examined at 4 years old, multiple atrophic deep scars are visible on the skin in the area of ​​the lateral surface of the trunk, left buttock, pubis, thigh and lower leg (Fig. 3). Figure 3. Patient P. at the age of 4 years. Multiple atrophic scars on the skin in the area of ​​the lateral surface of the body (a), buttocks and thighs (b), lower legs (c).

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  • Thus, this genodermatosis is rare, thereforethe description of clinical cases is of practical interest to dermatologists.
  • Thus, the features of this clinical case are its early development (since birth), the generalization of the process, the inflammatory nature of the rash with the formation of multiple atrophic scars, which can cause difficulties in diagnosing this dermatosis.
  • Large hyperkeratotic plugs in the depressions of the epidermis or in the dilated orifices of the hair follicles. A granular layer is well developed under the plugs, with the exception of areas of parakeratosis.

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In the absence of a granular layer in fresh elements, foci of vacuolized dyskeratotic cells are observed. In old elements, the epidermis is atrophic, and keratotic masses penetrate the dermis. In places of penetration of horny masses, a granulomatous reaction occurs with giant cells of foreign bodies. Collagen fibers with symptoms of dystrophy, the number of elastic fibers is increased.
Persons of both sexes are affected, more often women aged 20-60 years. The primary elements are conical yellowish papules 2-3 mm in diameter with slight infiltration at the base and an erythematous corolla around the central hyperkeratotic part.

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After removal of the horny masses, a crater-shaped, dry or slightly bleeding depression with reddish walls is formed. Papules may coalesce to form verrucous plaques 15–20 mm in diameter, polycyclic in outline, with irregular margins. A typical, and sometimes the only localization is the extensor surfaces of the lower extremities.

The rash can also affect the forearms, backs of the hands and feet, thighs, buttocks, trunk, neck, and face. The evolution of ampicillin pills is slow. After spontaneous regression, relapses are observed, but complete recovery does not occur. General condition of patientsappears to be quite satisfactory.

Differential diagnosis is carried out with perforating folliculitis (follicular papules, partially with necrotic crusts, when merged, they form various shapes, including in the form of straight lines - a false symptom of Koebner), follicular serpiginating keratosis of Lutz-Mischer, with persistent Flegel's lenticular hyperkeratosis (reddish brownish small papules, covered with scales, localized on the back of the feet, upper and lower extremities).